Monday, May 24, 2010

It's a wrap...

Samantha's first season as a soccer queen is officially a wrap.  It was amazing to see how much she improved from her first game, when she'd barely touched a ball, to the end of the season when she was able to look at the field as a whole, cut angles across the field to take the ball away from opponents, and block goals, not to mention the game where she scored nine...yes 9!... goals!  She is a speed-demon, and intense on the field.  And, perhaps most important, SHE HAD FUN!  

Here's a few pictures of her in action on the field (where we've been told she reminds some of her mommy and uncle when they played soccer a millennium ago...literally.)

(That's my girl...taking the ball away from the opponent in the picture above...way to go!)

And finally, here's a picture of her with her entire team -- all eight girls!  Go Shooters!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easton's New 'Do

{Sniffle}  I'll try to be strong.  I've given my {sniffle} very {tear} last {tear} FIRST HAIRCUT {wiping tears away}.  My baby isn't a baby anymore -- he really looks like a little boy.

On Saturday, we took our baby from "baby" ....

to "little" boy...

I know, Easton, I know -- it's quite the milestone and I know I wasn't entirely ready for it, either, little man!

That's better!  Look at those beautiful baby blues!

Who do YOU think he looks like?