Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's been a few months...

Our family continues to amaze me by how much we can change and grow in the matter of just two and half months! I can't believe I let 10 weeks go by without a post about our family! Forgive me! Here is our first family photograph taken as a family of 6....we took it this weekend at the pedestrian bridge that cross the Missouri River.

Since June, Easton has doubled his birthweight and started laughing. We are finding that he is a funny boy who is a bit of a flirt. He'll suck his bottom lip in like he's getting ready to cry just to get you to make a funny face at him and then let out this great big deep-from-the-toes giggle accompanied by a huge smile. He smiles with his entire body! The enthusiasm from this wiggle-worm is contagious! He reminds me so much of his big sister, Samantha -- the way they look (although he is MUCH larger than she is , and obviously, a boy!), the way they act, they way they is kind of like deja vu for me! Easton is simply a delightful, content, laid-back baby who loves a good cuddle.

Hunter has grown into such a big boy -- he turned 3 in July and I can't believe how tall he is getting. It amazes me that he is only 3 -- Matt and I often talk about how we have to remind ourselves that he is only 3 and that we can't expect him to be able to do things that his older sibs can do, but the thing is, usually he can! He can ride a bike (albeit with training wheels), he can throw a ball, he can jump, he can climb the rock wall, he wants to swim, he knows his letters, etc... Hunter, most of the time, is very eager to do what his brother and sister are doing, but sometimes it just takes him a little longer to "jump in" -- while most times he has a little less fear than we'd like, he has days of caution where he'll sit back and watch what's going on before he jumps in. He can certainly show a stubborn side (what 3-year-old doesn't?), but he is the happiest child I think I have ever seen. I remember being terrified when I found out I was pregnant with him -- I had a very challenging 7 month old at the time, and a 2 year old, and I didn't know how in the world I'd handle a third one. God sure knew what he was doing though -- Hunter is kind of the light of our family and easy to get along with. He seems to enjoy having a baby brother -- he asks to hold him frequently, and we're delighted to see that. It's hard to believe that in just a few weeks he's going to start PRESCHOOL!

Hudson is turning into a little fish -- a year ago, this kid would barely get near a pool. Now, he's jumping in without prompting, dunking his entire head under the water, and trying to swim on his own in the neighbor's pool. He's writing his name, and starting to recognize a few words, but reading, we think, is still a long ways off (which is fine, since he's only four!) He's a bike riding machine, too -- Hudson can ride 10 miles without batting an eye! He looks forward to the days he and daddy get to go on bike rides together, and he does a great job of keeping up with daddy and mommy! What an exciting September Hudson will have when he starts his second year of preschool!

Samantha is definitely our little mommy. She is eager to help out with the baby, and wants more than anything to help her brothers (when they'll let her). She took a baking class this summer and is right alongside me in the kitchen many days helping with dinner. I'm glad to see her enthusiasm for cooking -- that's something I didn't develop until Matt and I got married, and I wish I would have had more of a desire to cook alongside my mom! It's fun to have her with me, preparing food for our family. I think she likes that it's an important job to prepare the meals that nourish our bodies -- she loves to feel valued and appreciated! This weekend, Samantha and I are participating in a women-only Triathlon! I'm so excited to do this with her! We'll be sure to take pictures! She started first grade two weeks ago, and I am just in awe of the love of learning this girl has! Samantha is so enthusiastic about school, and I hope her love for learning never fades!

I've been spending my time cooking and baking up a storm. I cook for our friends and family, and couldn't be more excited to prepare food for them. But this love for all things food-related has forced me out of the house to run 20 or 25 miles during the week. I'm so proud of myself for doing it! It's such a wonderful release to go run miles. I feel like a new mom when I get home!

My goal for the school year -- to post pictures of our kids once a week! And to get back to papercrafting....I have missed it so much over the past year, and really want to do it again!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The ride that never ends...

So I've decided that potty-training is like an amusement park ride that never ends. You have your ups -- big great awesome ups like going an entire week wihtout a single accident. And then you have your big drops -- steep drops, might I add -- like going through every single pair of underwear your son AND his brother own in one day. (That happened over the weekend). And then you have this story...

Hunter has been a trooper with potty-training. One day it just clicked. And yes, we've absolutely had some major "steep drop" days, especially over the weekends, but for the most part he's doing well. Today, the good news is that we've had no accidents...however I just caught him standing in the front yard with his pants laying off to the side...peeing into a bush...a bush that is in the front part of our yard...and he was facing the street.

Nothing like showing his goods to the entire neighborhood! Yup ... this ride NEVER ends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of first!

In a family with small children, you learn quickly, and are reminded often, that things change so fast because these little people we live with and care for are just absolute sponges!

Just two weeks ago, I still had two children in diapers (which is not unusual for me -- it's happened every other time we've had a new baby!). Now Hunter, our 3rd child, is a potty-trained little boy! The first week of "training" was rough -- don't get me wrong -- and I think I learned that you shouldn't try to potty-train while preparing for and holding a 3-day long garage sale. (Seriously! The insanity!!!) Unfortunately, I have no pictures to prove the potty-training success. That would be inappropriate. ;)

And last night, our second child, Hudson (who turned 4 just 3 short months ago) asked for the training wheels to be taken off of his bike. We humored him and said "Okay -- but it takes lots of practice and we're here with you." Practice, schmactice. This kid is a bike riding machine! I think he was born to ride his bike (and his tractor, of course)! Matt let go of the seat of his bike and off he went, stopping only to come in for a bath. Fortunately, I have a picture of this!

Check out the concentration on that kid's face! Amazing! He's doing awesome!

There have been two other firsts at our house this week, as well, and these bring tears to my eyes. Easton, our nearly-six week old little guy, gave us his first smile and coo this week. I don't have pictures yet, but I will!

Thanks for sharing in the excitement and blessing of our home!

Monday, May 4, 2009

You know you have a newborn when...

You know you're the mom of a newborn when you try to make coffee with baby formula. What can I say?'s a Monday!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

He's here!!!

Three weeks ago tomorrow, on what will go down in our family history as the best Good Friday we will personally experience, we welcomed our fourth child. Our third son, Easton Charles, was born on Friday, April 10, 2009 at 12:45 p.m. He weighed a whopping 8 lbs 6 oz (a whole half pound bigger than our previous biggest baby -- where was he hiding?), and was 21 inches long. We are blessed by his sweet demeanor, his laid back "go with the flow" persona (what else can a 4th baby be?) and by the presence of our completed family. His big brothers and big sister absolutely ADORE him, and we couldn't ask for a healthier baby. We are truly so blessed!

To show the world our newest love bug, we put this together...enjoy!!! (Be sure to pause my music player on the left side of the blog down below so you can enjoy the lovely music with the slide show!)

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Monday, February 16, 2009

That little thing to the right....

Okay, so do you see that "Baby Namey" box to the side? The one that counts down the days to my impending due date? (Which I'm not entirely sure is COMPLETELY accurate?)

See the cute little pregnant girl...and those great legs that go on forever underneath that perfect little round basketball she's warming? Why, oh why, can I not have legs that look like that? I'm having one of those "I'm so fat" pregnant days, and my husband, bless his heart, says not to worry -- I look great he says, and I'll be back in tip-top shape in no time once the baby is born. Easy for him to say -- he does not have to don a swimsuit 8 weeks after he gives birth in Aruba! (Yes -- 8 weeks! More importantly...ARUBA! Most importantly....SWIM SUIT!!!!)

You see, I seem to be dispersing my pregnancy weight very evenly ALL over the body that I worked so hard to tone and shape prior to the creation of our beloved baby #4 in July. And don't get me wrong -- I know that it is all worth it. I mean, come on...I've done this a few times before. I entered into this state known as "pregnant" willingly and with a clear conscience, knowing full well that I would gain a few LBs. And I also thought that gaining the weight this time would not ever...not in a million trillion years...bother me. It never has before. But it is really bothering me this time! And you, my dear, blogging readers, are the ones that get to hear me bathe myself in self-pity.

I am not one of those pregnant women who feels great the whole time she's pregnant. I actually really hate the way I feel when I'm pregnant -- but again, having kids is SO worth it and such a blessing that I think it's worth the pain, discomfort, and body-changing challenges you encounter. Having said that....I'm just not lovin the whole body-changin' challenges part today.

So....the countdown is on...for lots of things. (1) Of course, the arrival of our newest blessing (we are SO excited and cannot wait to meet him or her!). (2) the end of the gestational era of my #4 is our last. (3) the opportunity to work this bod out again so that my legs have a fighting chance at looking like THAT....and vain or not, working out (with or without the goal of those legs looking like that) actually makes me a better mommy because I feel so much better. Physically, emotionally, all over!

So until this little sweet pea decides to see the sun for the first time (around Easter -- in 8 weeks or less, please!), I will be trying to stave off the feeling of impending "faintdom" that occurs every time I walk up the steps (or to the mailbox...or to the bathroom...or buckling kids in the car...or....), and the mirror will no longer be looked at except to make sure everything is tucked in (and untucked) in the right places, and finally...I will be trying, with every ounce of being in me, to enjoy these last weeks of being pregnant. Because I know, as much as I despise the way that I feel, I will never ever again feel a life growing inside of me. And that's enough to quickly put an end to the pity party that I have thrown for myself.

Here's to less than 60 days!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Babycape giveaway!

Okay, so I have had 3 kids in the bitter Nebraska winters where we could never find a good way to bundle them up in car seats...and NOW I find out about the product that Life Starring Ellie and Eve is giving away!

If you are in need of baby product, go here for a great giveaway!!!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A blog givewaway!

Okay, who doesn't love a great giveaway? And who couldn't use a new tote? I know I could -- especially this cute monogrammed one!

Check out Monogrammed Teacher to enter, and tell her I sent you!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A little fun

Someone on another blog posted the "Look-a-like" Meter. The boys thought it was funny to see their faces next to mom and dad's this morning, so we decided to share the results. Now what is so hysterical to me is that most people would probably completely disagree with the results in person. I must have picked poor pictures!

In reality Hunter looks EXACTLY like his dad and his Uncle Dustin. I mean seriously, the kid is the spitting image of them. There is none of me in him, I swear! Hudson, on the other hand, has always resembled my side of the family more than Matt's -- particularly my dad and his twin brother. I see more of Matt in him the older he gets, but I still think my "dark one" looks more like me than Matt. And finally Samantha -- this girl, again, was the spitting image of Matt's youngest brother, Dustin, for the longest time. Only recently has she started to resemble me. Every once in a while she'll do something, and I'll flash back to a picture of me or my sister at that age and it's like deja vu! Or I'll see a picture of myself at her age and think "Wow! She's definitely got some of me in her! "

So you take a peek and tell me what you think! It's always fun to see what "technology" thinks! :) Sometimes humans are smarter!

Walters Look-alike Meter

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Walters Look-alike Meter

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