Monday, January 12, 2009

A little fun

Someone on another blog posted the "Look-a-like" Meter. The boys thought it was funny to see their faces next to mom and dad's this morning, so we decided to share the results. Now what is so hysterical to me is that most people would probably completely disagree with the results in person. I must have picked poor pictures!

In reality Hunter looks EXACTLY like his dad and his Uncle Dustin. I mean seriously, the kid is the spitting image of them. There is none of me in him, I swear! Hudson, on the other hand, has always resembled my side of the family more than Matt's -- particularly my dad and his twin brother. I see more of Matt in him the older he gets, but I still think my "dark one" looks more like me than Matt. And finally Samantha -- this girl, again, was the spitting image of Matt's youngest brother, Dustin, for the longest time. Only recently has she started to resemble me. Every once in a while she'll do something, and I'll flash back to a picture of me or my sister at that age and it's like deja vu! Or I'll see a picture of myself at her age and think "Wow! She's definitely got some of me in her! "

So you take a peek and tell me what you think! It's always fun to see what "technology" thinks! :) Sometimes humans are smarter!


The Carrikers said...

I totally agree with YOUR assessment.
S was always Mini-daddy until the last couple of years,
h1 - all YOU!
h2 - all daddy

cadamsbaum said...

I love your blog! Check mine out - Your kids are gorgeous!