Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of first!

In a family with small children, you learn quickly, and are reminded often, that things change so fast because these little people we live with and care for are just absolute sponges!

Just two weeks ago, I still had two children in diapers (which is not unusual for me -- it's happened every other time we've had a new baby!). Now Hunter, our 3rd child, is a potty-trained little boy! The first week of "training" was rough -- don't get me wrong -- and I think I learned that you shouldn't try to potty-train while preparing for and holding a 3-day long garage sale. (Seriously! The insanity!!!) Unfortunately, I have no pictures to prove the potty-training success. That would be inappropriate. ;)

And last night, our second child, Hudson (who turned 4 just 3 short months ago) asked for the training wheels to be taken off of his bike. We humored him and said "Okay -- but it takes lots of practice and we're here with you." Practice, schmactice. This kid is a bike riding machine! I think he was born to ride his bike (and his tractor, of course)! Matt let go of the seat of his bike and off he went, stopping only to come in for a bath. Fortunately, I have a picture of this!

Check out the concentration on that kid's face! Amazing! He's doing awesome!

There have been two other firsts at our house this week, as well, and these bring tears to my eyes. Easton, our nearly-six week old little guy, gave us his first smile and coo this week. I don't have pictures yet, but I will!

Thanks for sharing in the excitement and blessing of our home!

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---Dave and Ali--- said...

Aw, such a sweet post! It's been a big week in the Walters household!