Monday, May 23, 2011

Are you up for a CHALLENGE?

Extra, extra, extra!  Are you up for a challenge?  I mean a really really REALLY important challenge, one that is so absolutely vital for your sons?  If so, please join me as I lead a group through 21 days of Prayer for our Sons.

As a mom, I think there is nothing as important as praying for our kids.  I pray daily for our kids, but sometimes struggle to easily connect scripture verses with needs I see to pray for -- and let's face it, I'm a busy mom who honestly really appreciates the fact that someone else (Brooke McGlothlin) has taken the time and energy to write a book geared just toward praying for our sons (and future sons-in-law -- I want my daughter's husband to a godly man, too!).  And you know what -- just because these prayers are geared toward my sons doesn't mean that they don't apply to my daughter, husband and (can it be?!) me, too!

Several of you have already said "COUNT ME IN!"  I don't think you'll regret this at all.  There is something so encouraging and uplifting about having a community come together and pray for the same thing.  Accountability.  Support.  Encouragement.  So please join me -- and so many others -- as we commit to praying for our sons for 21 days.  For more information, click here.

I will be leading you through the 21-day challenge.  Leave me a comment or send me an email if you're interested in participating.  I would LOVE to pray for you and your sons, or grandsons, or any boys you know that you want me to pray for!  You're not in this alone!

I know that I will continue to make mistakes as a mom, but one thing I know I CAN do right is to plead with God for my children, to PRAY for them daily (or more!)  Won't you join me?  It WILL change lives!  :)


Raquel said...

I would love to join!

jmason said...

I'd love to join you! My name is Jennifer and I have 3 boys ages 6, 5, and 1.

Sharla said...

I would love to join your group!
I'm Sharla and I have 2 boys ages 7 and 4.

Amie White said...

I am looking for a group to join. I have received the book and I can't wait to start.

Scott said...

Hey Alyssa, if you would be all right with a dad joining your little group, I would be honored!

I have one boy who is 12.

Jaime said...

I'd love to join. I don't have a I need one? Where can I get it? I have two sons..Ty is 7 and Brett is 5. Thanks so much!