Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sleeping Angels

Last week,  when Matt and I went in to check on Hudson and Hunter before heading to bed ourselves,  we found this....

They'd been asking to have a campout for weeks...and the next morning, they told me that since we wouldn't let them sleep in the family room, they were pretending to have a campout on their floor! 

Hunter is sleeping like an angel!

And so is Hudson...this picture, in particular, I love because Hudson's sleep was so restless for so long...and now we can count on him the most out of any of our kids to sleep soundly all night long!  (It only took 4 years...but now he's awesome!)

I love these pictures of them sleeping -- especially how they are facing each other in their sleep.  They are such good buddies, and they really look out for each other.  I know that our moments to catch them in these peaceful, little boy moments will quickly pass, so we are trying like crazy to enjoy the most out of them!

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Ali and Dave said...

All I can do is smile with tears in my eyes at these pictures - SO SO sweet!