Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A toilet box...or a clown car?

On Sunday, Nana and Grandpa Steve (Matt's parents) came for a visit!  (Truth is Steve came to help Matt in a new toilet -- YAY! -- and Nana came to teach piano lessons -- another YAY!)

The toilet proved to be more fun for the entire family than we could ever imagine!  Not only do Matt and I have a working, water-saving toilet (that the kids ask regularly to use!), but the kids got a great "box house" out of the big toilet box.  The trick was to see how many...or WHO...we could fit in their house.

We had the three older kids in the box with no problem, and Easton was certainly checking it out -- he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to be in there.  But that quickly changed...and soon he was in the box with the other 3!

It was like a clown car!  When they left ... they just kept coming and coming and coming...and coming out of that box! 

But they decided that wasn't enough.  The kids thought it would be great fun to see if we could fit Grandpa Steve in, too!  (The funny thing about kids is this... the four of those kids put together weighs more than I do, and if you added up their height, they're easily a foot taller than me.  But there is no way I was going to fit in that box!  I wish I could still bend the way those little bodies do!!) 

So Grandpa Steve was a good sport and tried it out, too...

At least Easton thought it was fun...

He had a built-in jungle gym!

Our kids always have so much fun playing with their grandparents, and we are SO blessed to live close to both sets that they can visit frequently.  I hope that no matter where we live, our kids will continue to foster loving and fun relationships with their grandparents! 

Happy Tuesday!

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