Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Lovin'....had me a blast (part 2)!

In our house, the last full weekend of July is reserved for one thing -- a trip to Yankton, SD.  Every year, my dad's family (all EIGHT siblings and many of their kids -- it's nearly impossibly for all of us to make it) gather for a family campout at Lewis & Clark State Recreation Area.  Gavin's Point Dam is located here and there's a HUGE lake.  We've been holding this family weekend for so long that I have lost count of years.  I remember my youngest cousins on that side of the family being babies, and now two of them are in college!  Since Christmas and Thanksgiving are so jam-packed and we often don't get to spend those holidays with my aunts and uncles on that side of the family, we try be there whenever possible even though we no longer spend the night and are only up there for one day.  (Camping with four little ones isn't really an easy thing, but in a few years, we'll be able to spend the entire weekend!)

To say that the kids look forward to their time boating and being outdoors is, well, a huge understatement.  They LOVE to be outside and on the boat.  My parents bring their boat, as do several of my aunts and uncles.

This year, the temperatures were pretty cool so there weren't TONS of boats on the water.  It was so nice!  Samantha tried to waterski, and Matt spent quite a bit of time in the tube with the kids.

Because there so little boat traffic and the kids have gotten to be so much more comfortable in the water this year, we let Samantha and Hudson ride alone in the tube.  (Mommy did hold her breath the entire time, I must admit.)

Even Easton took a turn in the tube...while were stopped and swimming in the water.

Easton also thought it was TONS of fun to drive the boat with Poppa. (Even though the picture below does not seem to show that he loved it, he really did enjoy it!  He was laughing and smiling, until I tried to snap a picture!

And he spent LOTS of time in the water.  Have I mentioned that this child is part fish?  No, seriously.  I mean it.  I think we need to check for gills.

In all, it was another great Saturday in Yankton -- we are already excited about next year's weekend!

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Melissa said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! I would have been holding my breath, too. :-)