Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Lovin'...had me a blast (part 3)!

What summer would be complete without....WATER?

In addition to spending time in boats and at lakes, the kids had a great time at a sprayground (aka sprinkler park) as well as at the Mahoney Park Aquatic Center.  The picture above is actually of the kids relaxing in the wave pool there.  (And they NEEDED to relax -- those waves were INTENSE!!) 

There were two water slides that the kids went down all by themselves.  And Samantha even went off the diving board for the very first time!  She did great!  A girl in front of her went off the board and needed some lifeguard assistance to get to the ladder -- this concerned Samantha a bit, but she went off the board and got right over to the ladder without ANY problems! 

The kids went CRAZY at the sprayground!  Hunter couldn't get enough of it!

Even Easton enjoyed the time there -- he had just learned to walk, and was SO proud of himself for going through the water!  (I must admit, though, that it took him a few times...have you ever watched a little one walk through water?  It hits them in the face and they stop and shut their eyes and try to get out of it but can't because they keep walking right into the spray.  It's definitely good for a great laugh, and he was laughing, too!)

Hudson thought he needed help, though, so he carried him all over.

So, of course, that meant that Samantha needed to help, too!  Easton is lucky to have such great older siblings!

It's amazing to me how much better my kids are in the water now than they were at the beginning of the summer.  Between swimming lessons and simply being in the water (weather it's a lake or a pool), made such a difference for them this year.  I can't wait to see how they do next summer!

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