Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early bird gets -- great deals on Holiday cards!

I know, I know.  Halloween is still three days away.  How can I possibly be thinking about Christmas cards already?  Believe me -- with four little ones running around, I need to plan everything in advance, and getting a jumpstart on Christmas cards is just one of the ways I can manage the upcoming holidays.  I figure if I plan ahead now, I'll feel more relaxed when the season IS here and that will mean more enjoyable festivities for my entire family.  And you can't go wrong when there's a great deal with Shutterfly!

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Shutterfly.  I love their prints and the family sharing web site.  AND I LOVE their CHRISTMAS CARDS!  (Surprise surprise, right?!?)  Once again, Shutterfly has created an amazing assortment of Christmas cards to choose from.  It was so hard to pick my favorite, so I have a few I want to highlight for you.

Shutterfly has created an amazing card that allows you to have pictures on the front, along with pictures and captions inside the card.  What a great idea!  This will completely take the place of our Christmas letter!  I've "killed two birds with one stone", so to speak!  My favorite card is the Joy Sage Story (they also have this in a lovely sky color, Joy Sky Story, which I would normally go nuts for, but the sage will coordinate with our family picture better).
Isn't it lovely?  Our family picture will go on the outside, and then there is room inside for six pictures and short "updates" or "stories" -- one for each of us!  It's perfect!  Such a winner!  I also thought Most Wonderful Story was lovely, too.  To look around at all of Shutterfly's folded holiday cards, follow this link.

Sometimes it's perfect to have a flat stationery card for your Christmas card.  Since the folded stationery cards are more expensive, we probably won't be able to spend them to everyone.  So I have a back-up plan!  I must admit that there were again several that I had a hard time choosing from, but I kept coming back to this lovely card because it's simple, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful.  It's called "O Holy Night", and that is what Christmas is all about -- that HOLY NIGHT so long ago.  This will be a card I am so proud to send.


Even with our family picture in color, I think this card will be stunning!  If you're looking for something a bit more colorful, a great choice would be Merry Bright Wishes -- great colors, and room for 5 pictures!
Take a peek at all of the gorgeous stationery cards here -

And of course, my stand-by for the past few years has been a 4x8 or 5x7 photo card.  Shutterfly has great choices again this year!  One of my favorites, again because it allows me to showcase individual photos of my entire family, is Picture Tree...

I also LOVE the Vintage Snowflakes card.  It is SO colorful and pretty.  AND there's room for 4 to 5 pictures on it.  MY KIND OF CARD!  Here it is...

Check out all of Shutterfly's great photo cards by following this link -

Guess what?  If you find something you like, you TOO can be an early bird with Christmas cards because Shutterfly is currently offering 20% of all holiday cards.  Check it out here.  

Don't forget to follow Shutterfly on Facebook or Twitter (50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly #SFLY) to keep tabs on all the greatest deals!

For writing this post, I was given 50 free Shutterfly Christmas cards.  What a blessing!  THANK YOU, Shutterfly!

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