Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins for my punkins

With the kids on Fall Break for three days this week and an abundance of FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL WEATHER (let me just say that this fall is knocking the socks off of last fall, when we'd had 5.5 inches of snow already!), we thought it was the perfect time to hit the pumpkin patch!  (See the kids' shirts in the picture below?  They are SHORT-SLEEVED!  I think this is the first time they haven't donned at least jackets on our annual pumpkin patch trip!)

Our favorite pumpkin patch, the Big Red Barn & Pumpkin Farm, is no longer operating (big BIG sad faces on our part), so we tried a new one this year.  We headed to Pooley's Pumpkin Patch.   They had all sorts of fun things that were just perfect for my kids.  Our first stop....the baby chickens.

They were the CUTEST little things I've seen in such a long time.  And the kids ALL thought so, too.

Grandma is showing Samantha how to safely catch the baby chicks.

Easton LOVED the baby chicks...he was talking up a storm to them!

Samantha was so proud of herself for catching and holding the baby chicks.

Hudson worked so hard to catch one of these little guys, and when he finally did, he decided it wasn't as fun as he thought it would be (what with the flapping wings and squeaking and all), so he shut his eyes and dropped the chick.

I LOVE this picture of Samantha!  She was very good at catching baby chicks, and so proud to hold them.  She couldn't wait to go back and see them at the end of the day.

Easton also loved the chicks.  I have a video of him "clucking".  He thought it was pretty cute and wanted to touch it SO badly, until he actually DID touch it, and then the whole wing flapping and squeaking issue got to him, too...but he still stood there and watched them and "talked" to them.  So sweet!
After our stop at the chicken coop, it was time to hit the ... TRACTORS!  Of course!  We couldn't go to the pumpkin patch and not see tractors.

I cannot figure out why Hunter did not take a picture on the tractors....I think it's because he was so FASCINATED by the corn maze BEHIND the tractors (which maybe wasn't such a good thing because we got, um, SEPARATED from Hunter in the Corn Maze)....
I love this picture because you can see, without even looking at their faces, the sheer excitement these boys have for CORN!  They are thrilled to be "among" the cornstalks -- must be why their daddy calls them the "Children of the Corn".

Easton was a trooper -- he was having a BLAST running through the corn maze!

This is Hunter JUST before he got a little too far ahead of us and ended up at the exit of the maze long before the rest of us...being the smart boy that he is, he thought he'd head back to the last place he saw us...the start of the maze.  Fortunately, this maze was a short one and I could easily find him by the cries.  Poor guy!

I think they might be future "Amazing Race" competitors!  They are very good at finding their way through the cornfields!

Poor Easton fell down...

...a lot.  But he kept right on plugging!

I just thought this was a cool picture.  :)

After the corn maze, we had to stop at the pedal tractor track....

Poor buddy -- he was getting tired by this time.
After a quick race (or seven), it was time to catch the Hayrack Ride.

Easton was very happy to be outside and was telling Grandma all about the cows and chickens.

I know he looks mad, but he was just telling me a story about the BIG pumpkin he was going to get...more about that in a minute.

I just love that face.  Those blue eyes, those sweet little baby lips.  I'm cherishing every second with my last baby.

There's my gorgeous girl!  She eyed a pumpkin on the hayrack ride and hiked 1/4 mile back up the hill to get it.  Can we say determined?
Now my mom is such a trooper and always joins me on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  (This is a huge blessing, and something all of the kids and I look forward to...and I think maybe she does, too!)  Mom and I learned a big lesson this year, though.  I had told the kids that they could only get a pumpkin they could carry by themselves.  This was a GREAT idea until....
...Hudson found a pumpkin that HE could lift and carry back to the Hayrack Ride.  Let me just tell you folks, this thing weighed in at over 22 L-Bs.  Check it out!

So lesson learned...NEXT YEAR, the kids can choose any pumpkin that they can carry by the stem with ONE HAND and the stem can't break off of it.  (I'm sure they'll find a way around it next year, too, but hopefully we won't walk out with pumpkins that weigh as much as my kids!)  Here's a few other pictures of my punkins picking pumpkins (and Samantha is not in these because, as said before, she hiked 1/4 mile back up the field to get hers).

Isn't this a cool pumpkin?  Hunter found it and Grandma thought it was so cool with it's green stripes that he gave it to her to take home.
When it was all said and done, we needed a wagon to carry all of our pumpkins to get weighed and hauled back to the van.  Luckily, I have muscle-man Hudson to help me with all of my heavy-lifting (as noted by the 22-lb pumpkin earlier).

We couldn't have asked for a greater day...we had a blast, and it was topped off by yummy treats from Grandma (treats we don't normally get to enjoy at the pumpkin patch... snow cones and pink lemonade!)

Can you believe that I have MORE pictures of the pumpkin patch?  If you want to see here.

Happy FALL, y'all!


Jori said...

Great post. I wish they had something like that here in Denver!!!! Your kids are adorable!

andrea said...

samantha cracks me up!!! fun post. :)