Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our first time...

We all have them...those grand ideas we had at age 16 when we pictured our future children.

16-year old dream: "My kids will ALWAYS be decked out in GAP clothes."  2010 Reality: Some days I am simply thankful that everyone has clean clothes on that fit them, and if they match?  Wow!  It's my lucky day!

16-year old dream: "My kids will NEVER act that way in public."  2010 Reality: Thank you, Lord, that only 10 people gave me the evil eye while I herded my four children through the grocery store, constantly saying "No, not today" or "I'll add it to your list" or "Keep your hands to yourself".  (To my kids' credit, I must admit that I often get complimented on how well behaved and patient they are in the store.  I'll share my tips to how this is possible in a later post.)

16 year old dream:  "We will have the most beautiful family pictures!  My kids will be so absolutely perfect that they will smile for each and every picture ever taken of them."  2010 Reality: Have you ever tried to photograph 4 kids, 2 of whom are 4 and under?  Be thankful you have only 1 crying!

This last scenario is the one I'd like to share today.  Several years ago, when Hunter was 1, Hudson was 2 and Samantha was 4, we had a horrific photography experience.  The boys both had croup, and we were trying to take a large group shot with my parents, brother and my sister's family (at that time, they had 2 boys).  I will scan this picture and share it with you soon, but it scarred us.  Terribly.   Last November, I convinced Matt that the kids (6, 4, 3 and 8 months) would do a great job taking their picture.  They did amazing!  It was a great picture of them!  Better than I could have expected.  But....keep in mind...Easton wasn't crawling.

This year, Amy, my amazing dear friend (and neighbor -- I'm incredibly blessed to spend a lot of time with her) offered to take pictures of our family.  It is our first picture as a family of six.  She got some great shots!  Here's a few pictures of my gorgeous family (I'm not biased or anything...)

And here's a few shots of my kiddos on their own...

Easton -- 18 mos.

Hunter -- 4 yrs.

Hudson -- 5 1/2 yrs.

Samantha -- 7 1/2 yrs.

I couldn't resist adding this one -- he's my cuddlebug, and I'm so glad Amy got this shot.  I will always treasure it.

And a few of Matt and I.... (which were extra special to me because it has been SO long since we've had our picture taken together).

And here are a few of the pictures you can expect to see on our Christmas card...our first picture as a family of SIX!

I think the pictures turned out pretty well, considering we have little ones who are in stages where they don't like to (a) smile, (b) sit still, (c) both!

I hope you enjoyed these!  I have SO enjoyed sharing them with you!


Cassie said...

These are FANTASTIC pictures, Alyssa! Gosh, it makes me miss you all so much. You don't need to be biased. . .this is a gorgeous family ;)

Jori said...

You're not biased - you have a GORGEOUS family and you look amazing I might add. I had to laugh at the first part of the post because it is soooo true and we have ALL done it! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I want to get some done of our family, but just need to find the time and a photographer :)

Jen said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful!! You all look great! especially you mama!!
miss you tons

Jen said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful! you all look great! especially YOU Mama! Miss you tons.

Ryan and Katie said...

Great pictures! BTW...I recently decided not to battle my 5 year old about his clothes so he picks out his outfits every day expect Sunday and special occasions. It has made for some interesting combos of sweat pants and sweaters...16 year old dream lost but sanity as a mom found!