Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Eight -- Men Set Apart: Honor

"But there will be glory and honor and peace from God for all who do good." -Romans 2:10 NLT

These days, it seems that real-life men who rush to defend the honor of women, children, and others in general are few and far between.  But that doesn't mean that we don't want our sons to be THOSE guys -- those rare diamonds in the rough who DO rush to defend the honor of all.

In the LG, Brooke shares this encouragement...

"I cam across a book recently that perfectly illustrates the type of men I hope my sons will become.  It might surprise you to know that it's written for girls.  The book?  The Princess and the Three Knights, by Karen Kingsbury.  Look beyond the surface moms.  Even you parents of older boys may want to purchase a copy of this book as a gift for your sons.  Its presentation makes it a perfect fit for a girl.  But its message is for girls AND boys.  The only knight good enough to win the heart of the princess was the one who would do anything to protect her.  That's the kind of honor I'm praying for in my sons."

Today, commit to praying the ten prayers for honor.  If you have older boys, perhaps today is the day to clean out your children's book library and give some of those treasures away to moms who need them.  Or maybe you'll tuck the best of them away for grandkids.  And whether your sons are teeny tiny or taller than you, look at the heart of the story and see which ones can teach yours about honor.  It's NEVER too late to learn.

Be encouraged, friends -- God can move in the hearts of your boys.  He can move them in ways we could never dream!  Stay strong in your prayers for these special guys.  I will be lifting you up, as well!

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